How to Use Data to Your Advantage When Playing Online Slots

Playing online slots are the most fun and relaxing online casino games to play. Regardless of your gambling knowledge or skill level, slot machines won’t require much effort in terms of strategy. As these games mostly rely on chance, there’s nothing much that you can do except cross your fingers while waiting for the outcome. However, that’s not entirely true.

What if there was a way to make use of data to increase your chances of winning in slots? Continue reading to learn the secret behind raking in massive wins with slot machines.

When Face Value isn’t Enough to Choose the Right Slot Machine

Most of us choose our online casino games based on face value – on how they look, sound, or make us feel. There’s nothing wrong with basing our choices on what we immediately see. This kind of response is typical of all of us. However, there is a way to pick a slot game that will give us more money or wins without applying any cutting-edge strategy. The only thing to do is examine the game’s Return-to-Player (RTP) rate, and make an educated decision based on the data at hand.

Understanding RTP and its Importance to Online Slots

First off, what is RTP, and how important is it to online gamblers?

RTP is a means to gauge how much a slot game pays a player for every wager, over a specified period. This value is measurable by percentage and is usually less than 100%. When we subtract 100% from the slot’s RTP, we get the “house edge.” In essence, RTP is the opposite of the house edge, since the latter favors the casino, and the former benefits its players.

For a clearer picture, here’s an example: A slot game has an RTP of 97%, which makes the house edge equivalent to 3%. This data means that, on average, the slot machine wins 3% of every wagered unit. It is ideal to choose an online slot game with a higher RTP to enjoy extended gameplay that yields more spins and more value for money.

With that said, knowing games that have higher RTP can help develop a better slot strategy. If you want improved odds, your best bet is going for an online slot game with better rates. Currently, here are the best slots around, in terms of RTP data:

Mega Joker

  • Monopoly Big Event
  • Wild Orient
  • Supernova
  • Devils Delight
  • Wolfpack Pays
  • Kings of Chicago
  • Blood Suckers, Bob: The Epic Viking Quest for the Sword of Tullemutt
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
  • Ooh Aah Dracula

Most of these games offer a 97% RTP rate.

Knowing the importance of RTP rates will come in handy and will make playing online slots, and even real slots more fun and rewarding.

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